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SSD Cloud Server

Hourly billing SSD Cloud Servers based on KVM Virtualization.

SCI1 $3.50/month $0.005/hour
1 vCPU 768MB Memory 15GB SSD Disk 2000GB Bandwidth
SCI2 $7.00/month $0.010/hour
2 vCPUs 1024MB Memory 20GB SSD Disk 3000GB Bandwidth
SCI3 $14.00/month $0.019/hour
2 vCPUs 2048MB Memory 30GB SSD Disk 4000GB Bandwidth
SCI4 $28.00/month $0.039/hour
4 vCPUs 4096MB Memory 40GB SSD Disk 6000GB Bandwidth
SCI5 $56.00/month $0.078/hour
4 vCPUs 6144MB Memory 60GB SSD Disk 8000GB Bandwidth
SCI6 $84.00/month $0.117/hour
8 vCPUs 8192MB Memory 80GB SSD Disk 10000GB Bandwidth
SCI7 $112.00/month $0.156/hour
8 vCPUs 12228MB Memory 100GB SSD Disk 20000GB Bandwidth
SCI8 $140.00/month $0.194/hour
8 vCPUs 16384MB Memory 150GB SSD Disk 20000GB Bandwidth
SCI9 $210.00/month $0.292/hour
8 vCPUs 24576MB Memory 200GB SSD Disk 40000GB Bandwidth
SCI10 $315.00/month $0.438/hour
8 vCPUs 32768MB Memory 400GB SSD Disk 80000GB Bandwidth

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