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SATA Cloud Servers - Pricing

Cloud Servers based on SATA storage, ideal for storing large files.

SACI1 $5.0/month $0.007/hour
1 vCPU 1024MB Memory 100GB SATA Disk 5TB Transfer 1Gbps Uplink
SACI2 $10.0/month $0.014/hour
2 vCPUs 2048MB Memory 200GB SATA Disk 10TB Transfer 1Gbps Uplink
SACI3 $20.0/month $0.028/hour
4 vCPUs 4096MB Memory 400GB SATA Disk 10TB Transfer 1Gbps Uplink
SACI4 $40.0/month $0.056/hour
4 vCPUs 8192MB Memory 800GB SATA Disk 10TB Transfer 1Gbps Uplink

Provision and scale infrastructure globally.

Rapid deployment

We are all about speed. Newly created servers normally deploy in less than 45 seconds.

Global Availablity

Deploy to any of our 17 low-latency data center regions in a matter of seconds.

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