Global Backbone Maintenance: Please check out our status page for more information.
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SquareFlow Global Backbone™

The network that powers the Aulerion cloud infrastructure.

Nuremberg (DE)
Falkenstein (DE)
Frankfurt (DE)
Amsterdam (NL)
London (UK)
Paris (FR)
Madrid (ES)
Vienna (AT)
Copenhagen (DK)
Helsinki (FI)
New York (US)
Montreal (CA)
Toronto (CA)
Miami (US)
Milan (IT)
Dallas (US)
Seattle (US)
San Jose (US)
Los Angeles (US)
Tokyo (JP)
Singapore (SG)
Johannesburg (ZA)
Core Uptime
Link Capacity

24x7x365 Monitoring

Continuous monitoring allows for fast reactions to network anomalies and prevention of any possible occurring outages.

No-congestion guarantee

We never utilize more than 80% of our backbone capacity, even during peak hours. Additional capacity is added constantly.

Fast failover

Using technologies such as MPLS-TE and very strict IGP timers, link faults are detected and re-routed in less than 2 seconds.

Low Latency Routes

Routes are continuously adjusted for lower latency and better throughput, creating an unique network experience.

Ring topology

Built based on ring topology, providing scalability and 100% redundancy in case of single link failures.

Wide presence

Equipment in over 50 different datacenters, allowing for massive capacity, load-balancing and link diversity.

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