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Seamlessly deploy cloud compute instances across 4 Continents, in over 18 Cities.

Whether you are just running a small website or want to bring your entire infrastructure to the cloud, our solutions meet your demands.

Nuremberg (DE)
Falkenstein (DE)
Frankfurt (DE)
Amsterdam (NL)
London (UK)
Helsinki (FI)
Chicago (US)
New York (US)
Toronto (CA)
Miami (US)
Milan (IT)
Dallas (US)
Los Angeles (US)
San Jose (US)
Tokyo (JP)
Singapore (SG)
Johannesburg (ZA)

Enterprise Hardware

A high level of reliability requires convenient hardware. We employ 100% Intel Xeon CPUs and Enterprise SSDs.

Infinite OS options

We provide a large collection of pre-built OS images. If none suits you, you can always install your own OS using an ISO!

State-of-Art Network

Every cloud server comes with an IPv4 address and IPv6 subnet, along with a 10Gbps uplink allowing for brilliantly fast network I/O.

Competitive and straightforward pricing.

Deploy cloud servers globally in under 45 seconds!

SANDBOX $3.5/month
1 vCPU 768MB Memory 10GB SSD Disk 500GB Transfer
SCI2 $5.0/month
2 vCPUs 1024MB Memory 15GB SSD Disk 1000GB Transfer
SCI3 $10.0/month
2 vCPUs 2048MB Memory 20GB SSD Disk 2000GB Transfer
SCI4 $15.0/month
4 vCPUs 4096MB Memory 40GB SSD Disk 4000GB Transfer
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Provision and scale infrastructure globally.

Rapid deployment

We are all about speed. Newly created servers normally deploy in less than 45 seconds.

Global Availablity

Deploy to any of our 18 low-latency data center regions in a matter of seconds.

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