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The easiest way to build and scale infrastructure.

Deploy orchestrated SSD Cloud Servers using the Aulerion Cloud.

Get up and running from small to large within seconds.

SSD Cloud Servers

All SSD Cloud Servers run on highly-performant Intel CPUs, SSD Storage and KVM. Ideal for medium workloads.

Start at $3.50/month

Dedicated Cloud Servers

All Dedicated Cloud Servers come with true dedicated resources at a fingertip. Ideal for heavy workloads.

Start at $15.00/month

Provision and scale Cloud Servers on 4 Continents, in 13 Cities worldwide.

New York (New Jersey), US
Los Angeles (California), US
London, UK
Helsinki, FI
Nuremberg, DE
Falkenstein, DE
Miami (Florida), US
Amsterdam, NL
Frankfurt, DE
Dallas, US
Tokyo, JP
Johannesburg, ZA
Toronto, CA


Hourly Billing

All cloud servers and service are charged on a hourly basis. Dynamically scale up for peaks and decrease capacity afterwards!

Control Panel

The Aulerion Cloud features a custom, in-house built, control panel that offers a vast amount of features and options to manage your servers easily.

Gaming Network

Our gaming-optimised network is classified by low-latency, zero packet-loss and congestion avoidance on all possible ends.

Performant Hardware

All cloud cervers we deploy are based on highly-performant Intel CPUs, along with enterprise grade SSD drives for stunning disk I/O.

KVM Virtualization

Aulerion cloud servers are based on latest KVM virtualization. KVM provides great performance, minimal overhead and simplicity.

IPv6 Support

We pride ourselves on full IPv6 support and compatibility, including an unique /64 subnet for all cloud servers and support on every of our features.

Are you ready to enter the SSD Cloud?